Save anything you need to Koofr quickly with the extension for Brave browser


An extension for Brave Browser allows you to quickly and easily save everything to Koofr

How can you save photos, texts, and files while you surf? Brave Browser’s Save to Koofr Extension can help you do this.

While browsing the web we sometimes need to instantly save pictures or text and be able later. Although there are many methods to accomplish that task, Koofr’s Save to Koofr extension is the easiest and most effective. Brave browser now supports the extension.

What are Brave Internet Browser?

Brave is an open-source browser developed by a group of specialists who were focused on performance and privacy. Brave can block ads and trackers as well unwanted content. Brave also tracks the sites visited by trackers. It prevents the spread of malware, blocks trackers and other malicious software and ensures that your information is safe and secure. Koofr values are a great combination.

Save To Koofr

Koofr allows you to view all the files stored in this way from anywhere with your Koofr account.

We’ll take a quick tour of how Save to Koofr functions

  • Use the Brave browser
  • Log-in or register for your free Koofr account
  • Our Save to Koofr extension can be downloaded from the Firefox webstore

Note Save to Koofr Firefox add-on does not support Brave browser. Instead, use the Save to Koofr Chrome extension.

  • You will see the Pop-up. Click Extension. To grant Koofr these permissions,
  • Brave will send you a notice when Save To Koofr is available.
  • Look in the top-right corner of your browser for the Koofr button.
  • Save to Koofr is now available as an option from the right-click navigation. The new Save to Koofr option will display whenever you rightclick on any image, video, text, or link to file in your browser.

Let’s examine the different options that you have to manage various file types.

(1) Pictures or videos

The Save this to Koofr feature will allow you to keep the video or photo in your browser’s background. Save screenshot to Koofr takes a snapshot of the page you are currently viewing in your browser.

Save largest image to Koofr will store the largest image and/or video that’s currently opened in your browser.


This will let you select an area of text from a webpage using Save selected to Koofr. By clicking on the link, a new text (.txt), will be created in your Koofr accounts. The file will bear the name of the page title. This is especially important when you are researching for a thesis and/or a project at work.

(3) Links to a File

Save to Koofr when you select a link to a file such as an MS Office or PDF document, the target file is automatically saved to Koofr. You can save any webpage by clicking Save to Koofr when you visit a URL that leads to it. That’s all. Simple right?

But wait… where are these files stored?

Your extension will automatically create a Save to Koofr folder within your Koofr account. You can save files from all the supported browsers, including Brave and Google Chrome.

Learn more about the Google Chrome extension or Mozilla Firefox addition by visiting our Save to Koofr and Firefox blogs.

PS. These files will wait for you inside your Save to Koofr directory.

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