Should you invest in BAT (Opinion)

As the Internet grew in the 90’s, the rapid rise of the blockchain has been compared with the Internet. It is not clear where we stand in terms of growth. However, there is speculation.

Blockchain projects span a wide range of functions, industries and purposes. Some of them offer an alternate currency, like Bitcoin and Litecoin. There are also platforms that allow decentralized applications like NEO or Ethereum. Many projects are working to resolve the issue of interoperability among blockchains like AION and ICON.

Blockchain implementation can help solve specific problems that companies or individuals face. One example is the Base Attention Token.

BAT seeks to resolve the issue of digital advertisement. Digital advertising has become a complicated business model for advertisers due to middlemen. This makes surfing the Internet with relevant ads and non-relevant advertisements a frustrating experience.

According to the BAT whitepaper mobile advertising leads to as much as $23 in data cost per average user. Mobile advertising is responsible for about 21% depletion of the average users’ phone’s battery. Ad blocking by mobile users has resulted in publishers losing 66% (inflation adjusted), of their revenue during the past decade.

Brave, which is a browser similar to Chrome or Safari, was at the heart of BAT’s solution. Brave is an privacy-focused browser which blocks third-party trackers and ads. A ledger system is then used to track user attention and awards publishers and users.

In BAT, the reward is paid. BAT is an Ethereum payment system that rewards Brave users. It protects them and gives publishers better yields. BAT token is designed for constant exchange among publishers, advertisers, users and other parties.

ERC-20 token called BAT. It is currently worth approximately $0.30. As of today, the market capitalization for the ERC-20 token hovers at around $300m and daily trading volumes exceed $6 million. Most of 2018, so far, has been spent on bear markets. BAT does not escape the bear market. On January 9, 2018, it hit an all time high of $0.98 and since has dropped more than 60%.

BAT still makes a great investment. Here are some reasons why.

The 4 Best Reasons to Buy BAT

Iconic founder

It is still very exciting to invest in the blockchain sector.

Project leaders are often young and motivated individuals with limited experience. While this can not be considered a disadvantage, it may prove to be an advantage if the founder already has experience and is successful in other business ventures.

BAT differs from other companies in that the advisor team is usually made up of the most experienced employees. JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich , who is also the CEO and cofounder.

Eich has undoubtedly been a key contributor to the BAT’s success. Funds from Founders Fund to Propel Venture Partners and Pantera Capital have invested in the venture.

This provides a large base of credibility, which is unlike any other Blockchain startups.

Fully Functional Brave Browser With More than 3,000,000 Users

Today there are more than 1,500 Blockchain projects. Most have not created a product. BAT distinguishes itself as a Project with a Working Product.

The Brave web browser was first launched in January 2016. It took place long before the May 2017 BAT token auction. The platform progressed adding more developers and hosting token giveaways. Brave has over 3 million users. The app is among the top 10 on Google Play, in 21 different countries.

Brave’s browser is lightweight, fast, open-source, and has almost completed code (according to BAT website). Although browser competition is fierce, Brave’s privacy and reward system attracts people.

The browser has been made available for downloading from Windows, Linux, MacOS. The mobile version can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

Achievements and Partnerships

Brave was the first to form a major partnership with DuckGo back in December 2017. DuckDuckGo searches the web without storing search history. Their partnership with DuckDuckGo is part their attempt to enhance privacy, allowing users to search in a hidden tab.

BAT’s Partnership with Dow Jones Media Group was Announced April 2018. This partnership is intended to bring premium content to the users as well as test blockchain-based technology for payment. is available for full access, as well as a Premium Marketwatch Newsletter. This newsletter can be downloaded by a small number of Brave browser users on a first come basis. Barron’s also signed an agreement with Marketwatch to become BAT-verified publishers.

Brave , TownSquare Media and Brave launched a partnership back in May 2018. TownSquare Media is a digital media company that owns and controls a wide range of brands and products related to music and entertainment. It has the intention of getting rid of those who are blocked by ads. Also, the partnership allows the use of the BAT platform in payments testing.

Brave Browser continues to grow the BAT community. This browser could reach 5 millions monthly active users prior to 2018. Over 400,000 people have BAT wallets. 16,000 of them are verified publishers. That includes more than 11,000 YouTube channels, with over 180,000,000 subscribers according to the .

The platform is committed creating partnerships with other publishers (and creators), as well adding new features to the platform (before the end the year), including:

  • Monthly payment for Brave readers and publishers

  • Ads that encourage users to use BAT are opt-in and privacy-preserving.

  • Brave Payments has been revamped to simplify their use

BAT Team has stated that their vision for BAT does not limit to Brave. BAT is currently developing other applications through the Software Development Kit. It is reported Opera, Mozilla and other browsers are interested in the BAT software. This is a positive sign for the project as well as its investors.

Possible Coinbase Listing

Coinbase published on July 13. They announced they are looking at listing 5 cryptocurrencies to their platform. This shows that the BAT token has a lot of potential and credibility.

No timeframe has been set for listing the currency. There are no guarantees that it will. Coinbase announced the listing to ensure transparency with the public as well as avoid insider trading.

Coinbase may list BAT on their platform. This will increase adoption. Every cryptocurrency has seen a dramatic increase in its value after a Coinbase listing.

Final Thoughts

BAT’s growth is directly related to the Brave browser’s growth and acceptance.

Brave currently has 3,000,000 monthly active users. That’s a lot considering Google Chrome which now boasts over 2 Billion users per month. It is approximately 60% of use share.

Brave’s usage share is not yet 1%. However, it does offer a lot of value to users. Because of this, Brave could be one of the most popular web browsers.

Find out more about BAT and their 2018 roadmap. We also have a BAT analysis that will give you an overview of their current situation. Get in touch with them via twitter and Telegram.

It is not intended as a guideline. You should do your own research.

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