Simple file sharing and storage

Check out these top features

MediaFire offers more than storage and sharing. The top features will make your life easier.

Up to 4GB/10GB of storage free

MediaFire can back up up to 50GB worth of files.

Unlimited downloads & bandwidth

Downloads should always be available, and they must speed up. Ad-supported downloads will not limit your bandwidth, download speed or file size.

Easily share after uploading

You can instantly share files and folders after they are uploaded. MediaFire lets you share via email, website, social media or messenger.

Multi-uploading at the same time

Use any internet browser to upload thousands or hundreds of files simultaneously.

Organise easily

MediaFire’s easy-to use file manager is powerful and easy to find documents. Access your files with any device, including your smartphone or desktop, by copying, moving, or moving them.

You can take your camera wherever you travel.
Files with you

iPhone, iPads, Apple TVs, Android, & Others

MediaFire, Android, BlackBerry Windows or iPhone allows you to easily upload, download and view your files. Never lose your work documents, music, resumes or important work documents.

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