Sony, Why the PS5 doesn’t have a web browser. 1440p support

Sony revealed recently that its PS5 would not have web browser capabilities. In a long interview, AVWatch Impress interviewed Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino and Executive Vice Presidential Masayasu Ito. The pair explained why the browser was not included in the PS5 but said that it will continue to investigate the issue. They also provided details about the PS5’s inability to support 1440p output.

Ito oversees hardware engineering, operations and platform management. Nishino takes care of the planning and management. Nishino was particularly concerned about the absence of an internet browser on the console. Here’s how we translated Nishino’s statement:

The PS5 does not currently support a web browser. While the console has components that allow for network functions, it is not necessary to have a browser application on a gaming console. Please allow us to evaluate this. Due to parental controls and other requirements, the implementation of a web-browser would take time.

The PS5’s 1440p output was one of the topics that the VPs discussed. It does not currently support this feature. Nishino explained that this was to make TV support “a top priority.” Ito added, “Technically speaking there is no problem.” It is likely that Sony will closely monitor market trends and respond appropriately if there’s a significant demand for support for 1440p.

Sony might be tracking consumer preferences and trends to improve multiple functionality, and not only the PS5 browser or 1440p support. According to the company, it’s also looking into USB drive storage options for its console.

North America, Japan and Australia will see the PlayStation 5 launch on November 12, 2020. South Korea is next. Release for the rest will occur on November 19, 2020.