Sphinx browser version checker plugin for WordPress

Allow only certain visitors to access your website if they have an outdated browser version

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The first version is out!

Some problems were resolved

Multisite support available

We have fixed the process of auto-updating plugins. There are minor improvements.


Addition of the capability to block webpages when the required version is not met. Also, the possibility to display a custom HTML messaging. Ability to determine a maximum browser version to be supported by all major browsers. Added ability to block browsers which aren’t recognized (including bots).


Upgraded to the latest version of Angular

Block Support Added Gutenberg

Security Update

A list of URLs can now be used to enable or disable the plugin’s functions

WordPress 5.3 compatibility Update

Bugfix Update: New Features for Content Templates

A list of predefined URLs was added to allow the plugin’s functionality to be activated only.

PHP 8 compatibility Update

Do you know of a potential customer?

If you can answer the Sphinx’s question, your life is spared. Here, the Sphinx is asking about your Browser version. If your answer is correct, then you’ll have permission to access the web site’s treasures. If it isn’t, you will be banned from the site until you answer incorrectly! You might also want to make sure your site works only with Chrome. If your browser is older than Chrome, you have the option to set which version of browsers will cause a warning popup. This plugin offers several handy features. Users are presented with an up-to-date list of browsers that are available for their system.+You can customize the style of the message, the text and other options.+Automatically detect users web browser version+Full modern browser support – Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari+Support for adding shortcodes with information about the session of the user (browser name and version, Operating System)+Two display modes: popup and top panel display+Option to block your website if users browser is too old (only popup will be shown)+Option to add links to the location of the newest browser version that the user has installed (and also, your website supports it)+Responsive layout+Ability to display notification only once per visitor (uses cookies)+Customizable message: text, images, links+Option to add links to the location of the newest browser version that the user has installed (and also, your website supports it)+Ability to block mobile browsers from displaying your website+Optimized for speed – no speed impact+Lifetime updates and support.Ability to fully block web page, if version requirement not met by user browser and to display a custom HTML message instead – more info about the update here Ability to define a maximum supported browser version, for all popular browsersAbility to block unrecognized browsers (including bots)It display notification when the user’s browser does not support your websiteAllows you to select the browser versions which are supported by your websiteYou can easily customize the notification message and display optionsIt supports the 6 largest and most popular browser on the market:You can customize the warning message, choose if you want to display links to the download pages of your supported browsers, select what browsers and browser versions should trigger the popup and if the user can or can’t hide the popup.You can choose that if you allow users to hide the popup, a cookie is set that expires after 24h. It will display the notification message again within 24 hours. The user can also choose to hide the popup until further notice. It is possible to set up the popup not to appear if a user has used a non-supported browser version. It is expected that this limitation will be removed in an upcoming plugin update. If not, just email me at support@coderevolution.ro and I will respond as soon as I can.If you already bought this and you have tried it out, please contact me in the item’s comment section and give me feedback, so I can make it a better WordPress plugin!WordPress 5.8 Tested!Do you like our work and want more of it? You can check out the bundle with these plugins.