Square Enix releases more Bravely Default II details (characters. world. jobs. & more).

A developer of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Bravely Default I shared new details about the game’s universe, characters and jobs. While there’s plenty to absorb, all the important details are listed below. Square Enix fans are eagerly anticipating the release of their fantasy RPG. It is currently scheduled for February 26, 2012. Square Enix and Nintendo are expected to share additional information soon. But, you can see some details below for a taste of what is to come. We think the wait will be well worth it.

When Seth, our young sailor meets Gloria of Musa, she is washed up on one of Excillant’s five Kingdoms. Gloria of Musa is the princess who ran from her kingdom to escape evil forces that wanted its Crystals. Adelle and Elvis are also present, and they set out to unravel a magical and mysterious book. It’s your job to guide fate and stop all the evil forces that threaten Excillant’s heroes.

# Numbers

The Seth (voiced ShunsukeTakeuchi).

He is the protagonist. Young sailor washes ashore on the continent of Excillant. Gloria, the princess from a country that was destroyed and robbed of its Crystals by the sailor, met him. They embarked together on a quest to discover the Crystals.

Gloria Musa (voiced Yu Shimamura

Musa was the princess of a country which watched over peace around the globe through its Crystals. However, when the Crystals disappeared, it was certain that the country would fall into ruin. The Crystals were stolen from her country, and she fled to hide. She then embarks on a quest for them.

Elvis Lazlow (voiced Kazuhiko Inoue)

An international scholar. A journey to search for the Aserisk, which he needs in order to unravel the mysterious book that his master has left behind.

Adelle Ein – voiced by Yukana

For hire: A mercenary. With Elvis, she embarks on an adventure to find a magic book.


This is the Bravely series in its orthodox form. Bravely Default II showcases Bravely Default II’s warm, garden-like world.

The Continent of Excillant

Excillant contains many different worlds, and that is where the story begins. What lies ahead for our heroes as they strive to achieve their goals

Halcionia: Country of Spring Breeze

This beautiful nation is rich in beauty, and it’s ruled over by King Placido who is also a noted soldier. The country gained independence in 400 years from Musa, the northern country. It is home to a wide variety of delicious delicacies.

Sloane and “The Blue Forest” (voiced Hideyuki Takaka)

The man Princess Gloria admired for being the best swordsman on Excillant. He was a soldier in the country Musa but fled with Gloria to Halcionia following its fall.

Placido Halcionia (voiced by Kento Fujinuma)

The King of Halcionia. He is well-known as an expert in military arts but the Halcionia people trust him because of his fair and honest leadership. Gloria is protected by him as a kind and generous king, who also works tirelessly to reconstruct Musa after the fall of her country.

Dagrampage (voiced Junichi Swabe

Selene Noetic is a mercenary that has teamed up. Although he can be reckless and rough, he will only do what it takes to make a quick buck. However, once he has been convinced, he becomes passionately focused on pursuing it. Selene may be his thing, but he is not in her league.

Selene Noetic (voiced Tomoyo Kurosawa).

Dag Rampage is supported by this sharp-minded, well-respected woman. Her experience as a mercenary has allowed her to survive many wars, while still keeping the rash Dag under check.

# System

Bravely offers a classic, turn-based battle system. This system combines skills and jobs. You also have the option to enjoy strategic and innovative battles with Bravely.

(1) Brave and Default

You can win battles by knowing when you should use “Brave” and “Default”, while also managing your “BP” (Brave points) which allow you to take action.

–You can gain an increase on BP by using “Brave”, which allows you to execute up to four consecutive attacks.

–By choosing “Default”, you can secure your BP while gaining it.

(2) Abilities and Jobs

You can have two jobs at once with each character’s “main job” or “sub job”. An all-rounder can have both defense and offense, but a magician might be the best choice. It is up to you how and what you do with each character.

Combining jobs can create your character.

(3) Acquire New Jobs

Asterisk Holders can often block your progress. If you defeat them, an Asterisk will be granted that allows you to move jobs.

By defeating The Thief Asterisk Holder you will be able to change your job as a Thief.

To get job skills, you must defeat Asterisk Holders.

Many jobs are available. As you advance in your job, you will be able to learn new skills. It is possible to combine skills from one job and other ones.

Your party’s composition will grow more diverse as you go through the story.

# Job

You will notice a significant improvement in your abilities and stats when you equip the different jobs that can be obtained by defeating Asterisk Holders.


This is a common job without any particular talents. Their abilities can help make adventures easier and also provide cover for members of the party.


Armed with armor and shields, they are able to attract enemies’ attacks.

White Mage

The magic they employ is mainly focused on recovery and support, which helps to improve the survival rate for the rest of the party.

Black Mage

An expert in black magic that uses powerful magic to eliminate many enemies at once.


To deal devastating blows, an attacker who fights with only their fists.


High evasion and speed, a thief can steal many items from their enemies.

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