TechCrunch: Ad-blocking browser Brave selects Dow Jones Media Group to be a Partner – TechCrunch

It seems like at least one major news publication is now onboard with Brave the ad blocker web browser that was founded by Brendan Eich former Mozilla CEO.

Brave Software partnered with Dow Jones Media Group to bring Media Group content (specifically full access, a premium MarketWatch newsletter and more) to “a select number of Brave Browser users.”

Barron’s’s and MarketWatch will also be becoming Brave’s basic attention token (BAT) publishers. The BAT platform is a blockchain-based system which allows advertisers and consumers to pay publishers. ( Brave held a very successful initial coin offer in the last year.

Both companies stated they are working in collaboration to develop new ways of using blockchain technology to advertise and create media.

Barron’s Senior vice president Daniel Bernard announced that the company is a global publisher of digital content.

The Dow Jones Media Group only is involved in the partnership, which does not include the Dow Jones larger organization, best known for The Wall Street Journal. It is clear that both the Dow Jones Media Group and the larger Dow Jones organization are approaching the partnership as an experiment.

However, it is certainly an important shift from the usual tone of publishers talking about ad blockers. Two years ago, an assortment of newspapers including the Journal wrote that Brave’s model for business was “indistinguishableā€¯ from a plot to steal their content and put it online.

Brave just announced the creation of a referral system that awards creators BAT for convincing their customers to change to the browser. The company announced the 2 million monthly active users.

Update This headline and story has been updated to clarify the division between Dow Jones Media Group & the larger Dow Jones Organization.