Ten Best Android Apps For August 2020

More than 4 million apps are available on Google Play Store. It is difficult to keep up with all the new apps that are being released every day. We can help you find the best Android app out of the countless apps on Play Store. Our TOP 10 BEST Android Apps August 2020 has been compiled from a variety of applications.

1. Hootsuite

Download QR-CodeHootsuite Developer: Hootsuite Price: Free+

Many of you know by now that many celebrities and brands have personal social media mangers who are responsible for voicing the brand’s voice on the various social channels. They manage social media posts and respond to any comments. Imagine being your social media manager. Hootsuite may be for you.

Hootsuite makes it easy to manage your posts and track how they perform on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn. Its tools, such as composer, publisher and streams, can be used to improve the user experience.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Download QR-CodeAdobe Premiere Rush – Video-Editor Developer: Adobe Price: Free+

Adobe Premiere, one of the most powerful and professional video editing programs available. Premiere Pro can be used for editing and grading many films, documentaries and music videos. Premiere Rush mobile is the mobile equivalent. While it’s not as feature-rich, or comes with any professional-grade tools for editing mobile images, Premiere Rush is still a good option.

This application has simple, but very useful tools. There are many tools that can be used to color-correct videos and add music. Reels is a powerful yet simple tool for editing IGTV videos.

3. Microsoft Authenticator

Download QR-CodeMicrosoft Authenticator Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free

It’s easy to forget about passwords and use the application to login with all accounts. Microsoft Authenticator can be one of your most efficient password management tools. You can also add applications such as Linkedin and Amazon. To increase security, you have the option to set time-based one-time passwords. For additional security, Multi-factor authentication is supported.

4. 3.

Download QR-CodeKooky Photo Editor: Pic-Collage Developer: ViewAI Lab Price: Free+

Kooky has been rated one of the best photo editors. It has multiple features which make it stand apart from other photo editors. It is an amalgamation of some the finest smartphone editing capabilities. First, the application features an Aging Camera feature that was inspired by Face Cam App, which is now widely available on the web.

Other than that you can also animate images and create AR stickers. Fine-tuning your images includes selfies using face beauty tools is possible.

5. 5.

Download Screen sharing Chat with your team via video and screen-sharing Developers Olabot Cost: No Charge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us remain at our homes. The Squad application can be used if you live at home, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get together with friends. Squad’s implementation is a lot like RAVE. You can stream Netflix, OTT, and chat with your friends. First, Squad allows you to video chat up to nine other people.

It’s possible to share your screens with other friends, shop online, and browse social media. You also have the option of watching videos together. App Store has made the application available and it is featured in New App We Love. We love the App!

6. Brave Private Browser

Download QR-CodePrivat Mobile Web Browser Brave: Schnell, sicher Developer: Brave Software Price: Free

Privacy is not an option in today’s connected world. It doesn’t matter what you do with your phone, whether it is to watch or talk. The apps can read all of this information and then use that data for their own purposes. Any private browsing application can be used if you prefer to surf incognito, where you have access to your location.

Brave Private Browser allows you to surf fast and anonymously, without any ads. External plug-ins and settings are not available here. Additional features include secure bookmark sync, script blocking and private search engine.

7. InShot’s Story Maker

Download QR-CodeStory Maker – Insta Story Editor for Instagram Developer: InShot Inc. Price: Free+

There are so many story creators on Play Store that it can be hard to pick the perfect Story Maker for Facebook and WhatsApp. Not for us. InShot’s Story Maker app is by far the most powerful story-making tool. InShot’s apps are essential for anyone involved in content creation. You can find video editing and photo editing apps as well as powerful audio editing applications.

The application has tons of beautiful designs. It is simple to edit with more than 100 different text styles and patterns. Highlight cover backgrounds and images can be saved as well.

8. Flud – Torrent Downloader

Download Flud-Torrent Downloader Developer Delphi Softwares Prices: No Charge

Flud for Android is an easy-to-use but powerful torrent client. Flud has many features, including no upload speed caps or limits, ability to pick which files to download, ability to prioritize folders/files and much more. Flud can also support RSS feed support. This includes automatic downloading options and magnet link support. You can also download sequentially.

9. Access Dots

Image Credits: XDA

Download Access Dots! iOS 14 camera/mic access indicators

Access Dots has been a favorite of mine. Third-party programs can use the microphone and camera in the background. This is something that most people are familiar with. As these apps are essential requirements, most of them are allowed to access the camera or mic. Facebook requires that you grant access to your camera and microphone in order to properly use it. And who knows what Facebook can hear?

Access Dots will help you to avoid the exact same. Jagan2, XDA’s well-respected developer, created the app. In previous years, he also developed applications such as Energy Ring, Energy Bar, notch, and notch. It is similar in design to iOS 14’s privacy feature. An icon will be displayed when the microphone or camera of the phone is used by third-party applications.

10. Slite

Download QR-CodeSlite Developer: Slite, Inc. Price: Free

Slite is an easy collaborative documentation tool which helps companies stay organized and to work more efficiently. A lot of people work from home due to Coronavirus Pandemic. You can use this program to create new documents, enrich them with checklists. Bullet notes. Headers. Tables. This app supports embeds, videos and code blocks.

Write and edit with other members of your team, and you will get notified when they mention you. It is possible to work on mobile devices and sync your data to the desktop app, or the web version . Quickly access and search across the knowledge of your entire team.