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YouTube demo videos on site TeslaMirror.com

YouTube, Waze and Apple Maps were tested

Netflix app cannot be used

TeslaMirror iOS

TeslaMirror enables you to have your iPhone mirror the Tesla vehicle using an App called TeslaMirror App screencasting is possible to an ordinary desktop browser (Safari/Chrome).

For Tesla vehicle built-in browser

1 Park the vehicle at a safe distance (0mph/0kph).

2 Tesla must connect first to its Personal Hotspot, which is an iOS device that requires cellular data. Tesla MCU2 is required. Tesla Model has MCU2.

3 Model Y, Model X(later Than March 2018), Model S. Or the Tesla vehicles that have been upgraded MCU2 to MCU1.3. Make sure the TeslaMirror App has “Tesla Proxy” switched on.

4 Next, click on the “Start” button.

5 Visit the link via Tesla vehicle’s car browser

6 Pinch the Tesla vehicle’s browser screen, to zoom in/out.

7 At the moment there is no audio support. Only the App screen is mirrored to browser. During App mirroring you will be able to use Bluetooth audio links with the Tesla car and simultaneously hear the iOS devices audio.

8 Never lock the screen. Screen Broadcast API restrictions require the screen not to be locked. Screen Broadcast has to be restarted once it is locked.

For normal desktop browser

1 device connected to the WiFi network

2 Install the TeslaMirrorApp

3 To begin Screen Broadcasting with the TeslaMirror App click on “Start”.

4 Open a browser on your desktop (Safari/Chrome) to reach the link located below the “Stop” button

Key Features

1. No additional internet traffic. 1 App mirroring traffic will only work locally from an iOS device Personal Hotspot. Please take note, however, that Tesla will be using hotspot traffic in the screenshot to obtain its internet access when there is hotspot connectivity

2 Additional hardware not needed

3 Private. Screencasts are only accessible to iOS Personal Hotspot WiFi networks.

4 Fast networks

Wi-Fi strongly recommended. 5 5GHz Personal Hotspot (iPhone 12 Series supports it). You should not disable the “Maximize Compatibility” option for iPhone 12 models. iPhone 12 models come by default with a 5-GHz Wi Fi Personal Hotspot. When the “Maximize Compatibility” option is turned on, the iPhone 12 series will default to the 2.4GHz Wi Fi Personal Hotspot.


1 CarPlay is not what this means

AVPlayer Framework-based iOS Apps such as Netflix and Apple Music cannot be supported. For Apple Music App the Screen Broadcast cannot be used. The screen will still be available to be streamed via the browser but the audio portion of the broadcast will be muted.

Netflix App not Supported

Privacy/Security note: This application does use location service to get Wi-Fi network name for iOS 13 or later. It does not store or collect location data. Our company has no information.

Disclaimer: Tesla Inc. has not endorsed this software nor the documentation. You are responsible for its correct functioning. Some features, such as the MCU2, require that certain car options be selected in order for them to work. It is necessary to have MCU2 hardware This App tries to emulate the interface of the official Tesla Apps. However, this App can cause damage to your vehicle. To use this App, the vehicle must have an integrated browser. You, your car and any object that is used in connection with this App are exempted from liability.

Attention and Legal Disclaimer: THE FOLLOWING IS NOT TO BE IGNORED. This service can only be used while the car is PARKED (0mph/0kph). Your jurisdiction may limit your access to this program.