The Brave Browser and BAT Token: A Beginner’s Handbook

The only thing you might notice about BAT, the Basic attention token and the Brave web browser at a glance is their relationship to advertising. The two can be seen as a connected system if you look closely. The Brave browser can be used with the BAT token to access support sites. Both were designed to integrate seamlessly. Understanding one is necessary to understand the other.

The Brave browser is designed to protect your privacy while you browse. This browser blocks tracking and ads which can learn information about you and pushes malware. Brave simply protects your browsing without you having to do anything.

To improve the efficiency of digital advertising, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token users can exchange with advertisers and publishers using Ethereum Blockchain. The token can be used on Brave to access a variety of advertising and attention-based services. Its utility is dependent on users’ attention.

Why were Brave and BAT created?

Brave and BAT saw fraud and trackers in the digital advertising world. Users are being ripped off, publishers are suffering, and advertisers are missing out. According to the team, up to 50% of mobile data consumed by the average user is spent on trackers and ads. This can cost them as high as $23 per month. Mobile devices take approximately 5 seconds to load ads, which can reduce battery life and drain up to 21 per cent of the device’s power. User privacy can also be violated. Large media websites that contain as many as 70 malware and trackers have seen their traffic increase by 132 percent over a year.

The current system is not working for publishers. Google and Facebook take 99 percent growth and 73 per cent of ad dollars, respectively. BAT also states that in the past year, revenue fell 66 percent while bots were responsible for $7.2 billion of fraud. Publishers’ profits are also affected by the 600 million+ phones and desktops that use ad blocking programs.

Advertising agencies lose money due to a lack of information. Poor targeting can also affect their ROI. Marketers may be tricked by fraudulent websites.

What is the relationship between Brave and BAT?

Brave, an open-source browser that focuses on privacy and is fast and secure from trackers and other malvertisements is called Brave. The ledger system anonymly captures user attention and rewards publishers directly. The key to many services through Brave is BAT. It can be exchanged between users, advertisers and publishers. Utility of the token comes from users’ mental engagement with an advertisement.

Together, the process is seamless. The Brave browser sees where users spend the most time and then uses this information to calculate the proportional reward for each publisher using BAT. This provides transparency as well as efficiency in digital advertising via the blockchain.

Brave uses anonymous monitoring to ensure that it functions. This information is used to pay publishers with BATs. Users’ private data is never stored on their computers, which guarantees privacy. Users also get BATs as a reward for paying attention. Advertisers can now see where their money is going and get a better ROI thanks to the enhanced targeting.

Who created BAT?

BAT has a strong team, but the most important person behind it is Brendan Eich , who founded Javascript, and Co-founded Mozilla and Firefox.

How Do BAT and Brave Help Users, Publishers, and Advertisers?

Brave Browser allows users to either opt out to get fewer advertisements and less malware. Because fraud and middlemen have been reduced, publishers can make more money. Advertisers also get better data about what they spend their money.

All parties involved experience a high degree of privacy, reduced fraud, and increased transparency through the open-source nature and cryptography.

What is Brave’s Measurement of Attention?

This entire process relies on measuring the user’s attention in real time as they view ads and content in their active tab. Each ad is assigned an Attention Value. This value is based on how many pixels are viewed and the incremental time taken before the user engages directly with it. The system will continue to grow and create additional anonyme models with a cost per action nature. The data allows ads to be anonymously linked to customers’ interests using local machine learning algorithms. This improves the user experience.

Brave plans to work closely with advertisers and publishers to come up with the best practices for measuring user attention. Potential metrics include assigning points based on the length of the view or using the total number of views for advertising content within a given number of seconds.

What is the Exchange of BATs?

Publishers receive the largest amount of BATs in the form or ad revenues. As a reward, users also get some BATs for watching ads. These BATs can be used to purchase premium content or services on the Brave platform. To place ads, advertisers pay BATs. Brave believes that many users will donate their BAT to publishers.

What is the best way to buy BAT?

It is not possible to purchase BAT using “Fiat”, so first you need to get another currency. You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at Coinbase with a bank transfer, debit/credit card purchase or through Coinbase. Then trade it for BAT on an exchange like Binance.

Register at Coinbase

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Buy Ethereum

You can use Coinbase to buy or sell Ether.

The next step is to verify your transaction. If you are paying by card, you may need to do a verification with the card company. After that, you will see your Ethererum added to your account.

Buy BAT on an Exchange

Binanace is the best exchange to buy BAT. To transfer your Ether to Binance and make your BAT purchase, please take a look here at our review on Binance .

BAT is also available on


Are You Using Brave Already?

Brave Browser is available and most of the infrastructure needed to run BAT on the backend is code complete. The team uses the Brave browser to distribute donations between publishers, depending on the customer’s attention. You can currently get Brave Browser on Mac OS, Windows or Linux.


Brave’s Basic Attention Token can bring benefits to all parties, publishers, users and advertisers. Publishers will see a rise in ad revenues and less frustration. Advertisers can expect measurable improvements in their return on investment. The users will be able to save data and save their time waiting for the ads to load. They also won’t have to worry about malware. Brave and BAT will be a great solution to many problems in digital advertising once they are fully implemented.