The Brave Browser will be featured on Coinbase.

Coinbase created the 12 Days of Coinbase last Christmas. This event featured announcements about new crypto listings on the exchange and how Coinbase works towards its goal. A Coinbase Earn program was launched to help people understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. First, the Earn program focused on Ox (ZRX) a digital asset.

Get BAT while you learn about Brave Browser

Coinbase’s earn program continues. The team is now offering cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors the chance to discover the Brave Browser as well as earning Basic Attention Token (BAT) in addition. This announcement was made by the Exchange team via Twitter.

Participants who take part in education sessions on BAT may earn as much as $10 by completing four lessons and their associated interactive tasks.

$5,000,000 BAT Set Aside

Brave Software has also made an announcement via Twitter that $5M in BAT was set aside by the team for this purpose. You can find the official tweet below.

Learn More from Coinbase.

Coinbase earn was created during the 12 Days of Coinbase, right before Christmas last year. Users can get cryptocurrencies and learn more about them through simple and interactive ways. This incentive is designed to allow users to discover more about digital assets, the underlying technology and get some of the digital asset that they are interested in.

Coinbase claimed that both customers and non-customers were interested in learning about cryptocurrency, but they didn’t know how to get started. This is how they explained it:

A survey among Coinbase customers, as well as non-customers, revealed that knowledge is the main barrier that prevents people from discovering new digital assets. A majority of those we interviewed wanted to know more about other crypto assets than Bitcoin. However, they didn’t know how to get started.

Coinbase Earn is launching with asset education tasks. Anyone can access the educational content for free, even those who have not yet been invited.

Coinbase began the program with ZRX. They also promised that they would add interactive learning content for additional digital assets. The Earn page currently lists the Basic Attention Token, (BAT) as the second digital currency. To capitalize on these lessons and other crypto incentives, you will need an invitation to either join the program (or wait-list) for further opportunities.

How do you feel about Coinbase Earn? These incentives could motivate crypto users to study more. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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