The Daily: Cboe Near Ether Futures. Brave Offers Millions of Downloads. The Daily Tip Bitcoin News

The Daily: Cboe Near Ether Futures. Brave Offers Millions in Downloads

Cboe appears closer to launching Ether Futures. The Daily has covered this report. Brave reports 10 million Android downloads for its privacy-oriented browser. Russian telecom regulator said it would ban Telegram if Telegram followed court orders. IOTA Foundation released the beta version of its Trinity desktop wallet app.

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Cboe launches Ether Futures in 2018.

Cboe Global Markets in the US, which was behind the initial bitcoin futures, is nearing launching futures of ether. Business Insider UK quotes reliable sources. This could be happening as soon as next year, according to the report. This outlet points out that announcements of new products may create the conditions for trading in second-largest cryptocurrency, according to market cap. It could also open the doors for ETFs. SFOX’s chief of growth Danny Kim said:

Cboe’s offer will let crypto traders take long and short positions with ether. It’s another important step toward a newly accepted asset class. The new investment opportunity I believe will lift crypto from the bearish market to make it a more bullish asset class.

Cboe is reportedly now waiting on a decision by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, (CFTC), before launching their product. Sources close to the issue claim that Cboe’s futures would be based on Gemini, an NY-based crypto exchange, and will use the market as its underlying. Cboe’s futures for bitcoin are also built on this platform. The Securities and Exchange Commission stated in June that it didn’t consider trading ether a violation to US securities law.

Brave Browser with 10,000,000 Android Downloads

Brave browser for Android, an open source web browser with enhanced privacy features, was announced by its publisher in a tweet. Brave Software wrote, “Thanks to our users who chose to browse faster and safer and to respect privacy protection!” The browser was ranked in the Top 10 Free Communication Apps on Google Play Store, according to several media reports.

It’s a great feeling to see Brave for Android have more than 10,000,000 downloads. Our users are so kind to choose faster browsing and to protect their privacy. — Brave Software (@brave) August 24, 2018

Brave is an privacy-oriented browser, which supports crypto payments and opt-in ads between users and site publishers. The tipping service uses Brave’s ethereum based basic attention token, (BAT). Users need to allow the payment system in their browser. This service was used by Twitchers as well as Youtubers. The service will soon be made available to Twitter and Reddit users. It was announced by the company that the support will be added in the fourth trimester of 2011.

Roskomnadzor May Consider Unblocking Telegram

Russia’s telecommunications surveillance agency has stated that it will consider lifting Telegram’s ban if the operator agrees to comply with a court order to allow Russian law enforcement agencies to access encrypted messages. RT reported. Roskomnadzor, which was used extensively by crypto-community members, attempted to block the messaging app Telegram after refusing to give its encryption keys to the authorities last year.

Roskomnadzor stated that it would reconsider its position and lift the ban if Telegram gave assurances they will adhere to the court decision. After difficulties with its efforts to control the Russian internet service, the agency made the announcement. Telegram did not change its position. The company’s legal representative said that Telegram can only share certain data about individual users when required by law.

IOTA Releases Trinity Desktop Wallet Beta Version

IOTA Foundation recently released the beta version of its Trinity desktop wallet app. After an earlier version of the Trinity Mobile app, this beta release is now available. The links to both versions are available on the Trinity website. IOTA plans to open source the code of the wallets, and will work together with the developers community to further improve them.

The following statement was published: “Trinity Desktop for Windows has been signed with the IOTA Foundation Code-signing Certificate, which must have a positive reputation in the Smart Screen filter… Trinity Desktop just came out, so the Smart Screen will continue flagging the wallet.” You can manually verify the certificate by right clicking on the application icon, and then opening “Properties”. You can find information regarding the IOTA Stiftung signature under the “Digital Signatures” tab.

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