This is the most privacy-friendly browser

Although there are many web browsers for Android that work well, it becomes more difficult to choose the right one when privacy is considered. Brave and DuckDuckGo, the most privacy-friendly Chromium-based browsers are among the many. How do these browsers compare? This is a detailed comparison of DuckDuckGo Privacy browsers and how they compare.

Brave vs DuckDuckGo

1. 1.

Brave and DuckDuckGo privacy browser are based upon Chromium. They look very different, however, relative to each other. Brave, the more expensive wallpaper, is first. Every time you open a new tab, it will display a different wallpaper. You can disable this in the settings. Brave’s new tab also displays the number of trackers that have been blocked and the data saved. Time saved. Excellent flexibility!

The bottom toolbar is my favorite feature of the Brave browser. It’s time that apps put the settings and menu bars at the bottom of their mobile devices. Brave’s top bar makes it much easier than other browsers to use my Galaxy Note9.

DuckDuckGo Privacy browser, on the other hand has a minimalistic approach. The privacy browser is focused on the important stuff and does a good job. It has a DuckDuckGo logo on the new tab page. It doesn’t include a bottom-facing toolbar, so you will have to reach the Omnibox by stretching your fingers.

DuckDuckGo offers appearance customization. You can choose between a light or dark theme. Blue is my favourite.

2. 2.

Both browsers are privacy-friendly and have built-in tracker blocking. Brave has ad blocking, fingerprinting protection and cookie-blocking. Brave is a free ad-blocker. Both Brave and DuckDuckGo feel very similar when browsing videos or articles on a daily basis. To give an idea of the situation, I attempted to show you the total number of advertisements/trackers that were blocked from the same websites. These are the figures.

Advertisements/Trackers Blocked

Site Name

Brave browser


NYTimes 32 8 Washington Post 29, 14 Times of India 14-15 Amazon 9 0 Facebook 3 0 Twitter 2 2 YouTube 2 2 LinkedIn 7 2

Both the website loading time and user experience were almost identical on both browsers. Brave does not provide an additional number to trackers and ads blocked. However, this would lead you to see an overinflated number. The number includes both trackers and ads blocked.

One thing I’d like to mention is the fact that some of the site’s functions can be broken due to Brave tracker and ad blocking. You will need to restart the website and turn everything off. T

3. Privacy features

Privacy is the highlight of these browsers and there are many options available. You won’t regret it. Brave will block a variety of things, including trackers, ads, cookies and fingerprinting by default. You can also have separate search engine to use for incognito and normal searches. Private mode. You can also allow/deny notification permissions and location access to different search engines. You can also deny access by payment methods to sites and delete data/cookies with a single click.

The DuckDuckGo browser doesn’t have that option loaded, unlike Brave. It does however do the minimum necessary. DuckDuckGo doesn’t have an Incognito mode or Private mode. Private mode is default. When you start typing, the browser does not save your history and doesn’t offer URL suggestions. You also have an Omnibox fire button. You can tap it to clear all tabs and data in one go. This is similar to “Close Incognito Tabs” on your Android notification shade when using Incognito mode.

DuckDuckGo assigns a rating to each website it opens. This is to indicate the privacy level on that site. A+, for example, is the most secure and D the most private.

Side note: DuckDuckGo does not have an Incognito mode. This means that the browser is missing a few things.

  • In normal mode, you can still take photos
  • You can see the browser contents in Recents Apps.

These problems arise because DDG does not use Android’s SECURE_FLAG. SECURE_FLAG prevents both app preview and screenshot from the Recent Apps Page. Although DuckDuckGo may not have intended to allow people to take screenshots, it exposes it somewhat.

4. 4.

DuckDuckGo, although it is based upon Chromium and runs on Chromium 4.0, may run on an older version. It doesn’t have Progressive Web Apps. PWAs can be described as a web application that behaves like an Android native app. These are the Web Apps you need to use. Brave supports PWA, and even ” Chrome://flags“. If you’re coming from Chrome, the interface will be familiar.

5. Desktop App & Sync

DuckDuckGo doesn’t have a desktop app. This is only available on iOS and Android. Brave, on the other hand has a desktop browser that supports all platforms, including Windows, macOS and Linux. Brave allows you to sync bookmarks and passwords across all devices. It also lets you open tabs on multiple platforms, as well as autofill data. These sync options can only be used between Android and Windows 10 at this time.

6. 6. Revenue generation

Understanding these businesses’ revenue models is equally crucial as it keeps them in business. It’s not uncommon for privacy companies to be able to make huge claims at the beginning, but then disappear due to lack of funds. So, Brave has a unique model called Brave Rewards. Brave Rewards has its own advertisers, but also provides generic advertisements. These ads are paid for in cryptocurrency. You can turn this off at any time. Search engines are another source of revenue for Brave. Brave defaults to Google search engines in its browser.

DuckDuckGo can be described as a more advanced search engine than an internet browser. The apps can be used as branding. DuckDuckGo earns a lot of money through affiliate marketing and ads. They are displayed when you search certain keywords. If you search for “cars”, the ads might be 3 first links. DDG is paid by companies to display those links for certain keywords searches. DuckDuckGo gets a percentage of any sale made through these links. You can read the Quora Answer by Gabriel Weinberg to learn more about our revenue generation strategy.

Closing words

Brave has been my go-to browser for over a year. This is mainly because I am a Chrome long-term user. The Chromium options are my favorite and I cannot live without them. If that is the case, Brave may be the best and most complete choice. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is available for everyone.

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