Twitter, Reddit and Reddit users are set to make a profit on Brave Browser posts

Twitter and Reddit users set to cash in on posts through Brave Browser

Brave browser will launch an innovative new function which allows Twitter users and Reddit posters to instantly tip each other via the browser. CNET’s August 8th 2018 story revealed that Brave browser, an ad-blocking web browser, is trying to disrupt the existing order for internet publishing revenue generation. It has extended the instant micropayments option currently available to YouTube creators to all regular posters on social media platforms.

Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

The report indicates that the enhanced micropayment functionality will be available sometime during Q4 2018. Users who make use of the payment system can receive payments from others if they have content that is useful or interesting. Tippers can notify their community by sending a Tweet or Reddit message.

This model, if it is successful, will likely cause the disruption promised by the Brave Attention Token ( BAT ) at launch. While internet publishing platforms depend on their users for survival, the financial relationship between them and websites is not symbiotic. Websites keep all of their advertising revenue, and also collect user data for microtargeting and marketing purposes.

Brave is hoping to create a new model that allows users of these platforms to benefit from their engagement.

The system is working on YouTube and Twitch, where streamers or content creators can receive automatic payments from Brave browsers with micropayments. Payment amounts can be tied to unique views or visits. This rewards creators who have large followings.

Breakthroughs in Advertising and Subscription Modells

Brave will not only reward millennial YouTubers and posters with BAT but also attempts to address a larger problem in the internet revenue generation system – the compromise between subscriptions and advertisements.

Brave will pay content creators direct for views and visitors to their content. This is in an attempt to disrupt the current model that monetizes user information almost as an end-all. Brave obsessively tracks user behavior and installs battery-disrupting surveillance tools.

The browser allows creators of premium content that is normally behind paywalls to get monthly BAT payments by users who opt in. Although only some big-names such as The Guardian or The Washington Post signed up so far, the idea is still fascinating.

Brave boasts more then 20,000 publishers and 13,500 YouTube channels. Brave also receives BAT payments via a community of 3.25 millions active users. This indicates that the market is huge.

Brave is also interested in its opt–in advertising program, where users can create their own advertisements profiles to be used by advertisers for marketing products. After opting into the otherwise ad-free browser, advertisers receive BAT payments depending on how many people interact with their content.

Brave is attempting to address the problem of internet publishing that has been ailing for years by using micropayments.

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