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uBlock Origin

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The 3 Minute Reader

20 Feb 2016.

Adblockers are actually quite an interesting topic. One side has website owners stating that they wouldn’t survive without online advertising. One side has website operators claiming they’d starve if it weren’t for the online advertising industry. On the other, users are increasing their blocking of ads as they don’t like them visually or because they consider tracking objectionable.

A third dimension of the debate, malware protection, is becoming more prominent. Malware embedded in ads served from large ad network companies like Google is becoming more common as the Internet becomes increasingly connected to these networks. This is commonly known as Malvertising. It’s when hackers insert malware in ads to then upload them to the ad networks. Violet Blue used to say, “You don’t say advertising. We say blocking that malware.” As these harmful ads are loading millions of time per day on large sites like Yahoo!, MSN, Forbes and MSN, she’s correct. Ad blocking does not protect your privacy and visual appeal. It is about protecting the integrity of your computer.

Adblockers are not without controversy. AdBlock Plus is a prime example. Since years we have known that AdBlock Plus has been taking money to whitelist Google ads. AdBlock Plus doesn’t protect against all malvertising, so even if AdBlock Plus has been installed, this is still a problem. Therefore, you will need an alternative adblocker.

uBlock Origin

uBlock origin has a lot to offer in a market dominated by many adblockers. The first is its large memory footprint and negative. The reason is that advertisements do not consume more memory than what is required to run the application. Chromium sees a significant memory decrease, especially when it is compared with the AdBlock Plus memory increase. AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and Firefox both reduce memory. But uBlock is still more efficient than AdBlock Plus. provides more details about these differences.

uBlock Origin excels in the selection of its blocklists. There are hundreds of thousands (or more) of blocking filters that uBlock Origin has access to, as shown in this image. You will not see the regional blocklists of countries like China Korea, Russia and Poland. uBlock Origin offers the most complete adblocking solution, combining the many blocklists with the possibility to create your own rules.

Installation & User Guide

Installing uBlock Origin on Firefox is the same process as installing any other addon. just need to visit to download it (including Firefox for Android). The Chrome/Chromium install can be found.

Using uBlock Origin to block unwanted content is simple. It works right out of the package. To enable additional blocklists you can press CTRL+SHIFT+A and click Preferences. Then, click Display Dashboard. There are a couple of additional settings that you can make on the page. These include disabling WebRTC which leaks IP addresses via VPNs. Also, enable Advanced mode to fine-grained control over content being blocked.

You will find a tab called Third-Party Filters at the top. This tab will allow you to navigate through a number of blocked lists categorized by function. Although this may reduce your computer’s storage, it will allow you to enable as many of them as possible. To ensure that you always have the most up-to-date rule sets, regardless of the extra lists you enabled, click Apply Changes first, then hit Update Now second from the bottom left.

Using uBlock does come with a slight risk. For such cases, you can click the uBlock Origin logo (a small shield on your browser) and then click the power button. This will disable uBlock Origin at that particular page. The menu displays the number of blocked requests since the installation. This gives you a good indicator of how effective the extension has been over time.

The addon can be easily loaded on to computers belonging to family members, to prevent malware. It’s not the worst thing to become the techie of the family and have one of your loved ones get compromised.

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