Welcoming to The Finger Lakes. Where Brave Women Win

Welcome to The Finger Lakes. Where brave women thrive EVERY YEAR

Brave Women are not something we can celebrate in winter. Four seasons of the Finger Lakes are equally beautiful, as are all four women who made an impact here. The Finger Lakes’ history-makers are all here to stay. LONG. LONG. You are going to be a serious travel lust buddy.

The history of the Finger Lakes tells us it takes brave women for survival in winter. Harriet Tubman (the trailblazer), Elizabeth Cady Stanton (the Iroquois matriarchs) paved the way for a new future. Finger Lakes, as the heart of the women’s rights movement in the region, celebrates all women present and past in 2020. This year will mark the centennial anniversary of the 19th amended, which allowed women to vote.

Celebrate their bravery this season by taking a trip to the Finger Lakes. It’s also a great opportunity to support and encourage the many creative, innovative women in this area. You can add to your travel itinerary by checking out our extensive list of female-owned wineries, boutiques, breweries, and restaurants.

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