What should you do if Gmail messages are not coming through?

Emails, also known as Gmail messages, are an important part of your daily life. Because your emails contain all of your personal information (bills, purchases, travels, bookings and other activities) and can be used as credentials to many online accounts including social media, 100% digital living is possible only with your email. Gmail messages can be lost or deleted, and life may become difficult. This article will discuss all of the options available to you for recovering your Gmail emails that are missing.

Which are some possible problems you might face when Gmail messages go missing?

Gmail users reported many ways that Gmail messages were lost.

Some users have claimed that there are some missing emails.

Other people state that email doesn’t show up in their Inbox.

In worst cases, you may see the Inbox empty without any mails.

Gmail Messages are Not Working? Here Are Some Solutions

Below are some quick ways to recover your Gmail messages. Because the Gmail App is not as powerful as Chrome on your computer, these steps should be done on a desktop.

Method 1. You might have accidentally deleted or Archived the missing emails in Gmail

If you don’t receive an email in your inbox, there may be two more places it can go. These are Spam or Trash folders and archived email. Below are steps for finding your emails in all Gmail folders.

Step 1. Open any browser and sign into your Gmail account.

Step 2: Then, click the down arrow at the search box in the upper-center.

Step 3: Click on the down arrow to search criteria, and then select Mail & Spam & Trash.

Step 4: Enter the pertinent information into the fields above, if you can remember the subject and date.

Step 5: Click on the Search Button located in the lower right corner.

Method 2. You might be Filtering the Gmail Missing Emails

Email Filters allow users to archive or delete emails automatically when they are received, if the filters apply. Check your filters here:

Step 1: Use any browser to access Gmail and log in.

Step 2 – Click the Settings icon that appears like a wheel or a cog on the top.

Step 3 Click Next on See All Settings.

Step 4: Click on the Filters tab and the Blocked addresses tab from various tabs at the top.

Step 5: Make sure you check your filters for Delete or Skip instructions.

Step 6: Click on Edit or Delete on the right-hand side, and follow the instruction.

Method 3. You might have forwarded the missing emails to Gmail to another account.

Gmail has another amazing feature, email forwarding. This is similar to the Gmail Templates. But sometimes it’s possible that you miss an important message if the original mail has been deleted after the forwarded. Below are some steps that will allow you to confirm the settings.

Step 1. Open any browser, and then launch Gmail.

Step 2: Click the cog icon at the top right, then click See All Settings.

Step 3: Click on the Forwarding or POP/IMAP tab.

Step 4: Then, review the Forwarding Section to ensure you’ve selected Keep Gmail’s copy in your Inbox dropdown.

Step 5: At the bottom, click Save Changes.

Tip: In the forwarding section, you can choose to disable email forwarding. Spam folders might be home to emails that were sent from one email to another.

Notice: Note that if your Gmail address is work-related, you may contact your IT Manager to assist with your request. Google introduced new storage policies, which are effective as of June 1st 2021. This policy stipulates that your email will be deleted if it is not in use or exceeds your storage allowance for at least 2 years.

Let’s hear your final words about what to do if Gmail messages go missing

Check your Spam and Trash sections of Gmail if your email is still not found. You should also remember that email can only stay in your Trash and Spam folder for 30 day. Once they expire, the email is permanently deleted. You must ensure that your email folders are sorted in a way you prefer to prevent accidentally deleting them. Enable categories in Gmail if you want to preserve them. You can remove Gmail categories if this is not something you like.

Here are some methods to search for your Gmail messages missing. You might be able to recover your Gmail mail messages if you follow these steps.

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