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After two years of development, the search engine went public beta in February 2013. [12] It was first released as a stable version on July 4, 2013. [13] In April 2015, a new version became available. [14]

Qwant Lite was released in October 2015. It is a lightweight and quicker version of This version is intended to be friendly for older browsers as well as those who don’t have resource-rich or powerful computers. This version is a simplified, minimalistic interface that mimics Google’s.

In collaboration with the French Ministry of Education, this child-friendly version has been developed.

Qwant founder says that it doesn’t want to be a competitor to Google but wants to “show something else”. Qwant founder says that the company doesn’t want to compete with Google a href=”/wiki/Google_Search” title=”Google Search”>Google, but prefers “to show something different”.

Earlier notable features such as the Qnowledge Graph knowledge graph based on Wikipedia seem to have been dropped.

Qwant and Mozilla have a partnership that allows them to release a sanctioned Firefox browser. [ Citation needed]

Brave was released in 2017. It featured Qwant search engine as its default. [18]

The 2018 French Government decreed all government searches to be done using Qwant. [19]

Qwant Maps was launched in June 2019 by Qwant. [20] The OpenStreetMap data is used to provide privacy regarding routing and maps. Masq by Qwant allows for personalized results to be generated from secure data stored on the device of the user.

Qwant was added to Google’s Chrome default search listing for French users in March 2019. [23]



Qwant has launched Qwant Maps on June 2019, using data from OpenStretMap. [24] (25) Mimirsbrunn is the search engine, with vector rendering by Kartotherian, and Idunn highlighting map data.





Users are protected by the strict European privacy laws because they reside in Europe. Qwant provides protections that are based upon the new General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation was implemented in May 2018.

Qwant Privacy Policy says that does not gather data from its users for search. [31] Qwant claims to not use cookies or any other tracking technology.

Qwant appears to have taken many technical precautions in order to prevent third parties from getting access to user search queries. [ Citation needed] Image-search results can be obtained by routing images through Qwant servers. This ensures that websites rendering the images do not know the identity of users.

Qwant partnered with privacy-centric keyboard provider [32] Fleksy in 2018 to provide the best private search experience in messenger applications. [ Citation needed]

In its privacy statement the website states that it is against French surveillance. [33]

“Regarding French intelligence law, 24 juin 2015, we discovered that its recommendations had lost very little currency. As a search engine we strongly disapprove of these measures, particularly as they violate individual privacy. We will therefore make all efforts to protect the personal information of users.



Observers expressed concerns about Qwant’s nature shortly after its release. Observers expressed doubts about Qwant’s nature shortly after its release.


The terms of service, while respecting privacy are subject to change: (38)

Qwant has the option to modify the terms of service unilaterally to reflect changes in the site’s future development or operation.

Qwant’s early version copied design elements from Google. [39]



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