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PullOut Widgets for WordPress-[Clean-Nulled].zip

PullOuts are a great way to transform regular sidebar widgets. You have endless options – you can make any widget a pullout widget.

Demo Videos

Concept of the Plugin

Version 2.0 Overview

Video #1: Pullout Triggers

Video #2: Pullout Triggers

Video #3: Pullout Triggers

Customizing Tabs – Video #4

PullOut Widgets

  • There are many options for positioning pullout widgets at the top, right, bottom and left sides.
  • Multiple pullout triggers:

    • Just a click away
    • Hover your mouse over;
    • Timer countdown
    • Page count
    • When the specific element appears on screen.
  • You can choose from unlimited colors for widgets
  • 289 sleek icons for pullout Tabs
  • 32 animated sliding effects
  • Many styles are available for pullout buttons: border, square corners and borders.
  • CSS3 Vertical and Horizontal Tabs
  • Speed control for pullouts

Tested with WordPress 4.8.1 and JQuery 1.12.4, the plugin worked well. The WP includes jQuery 1.12.4 by default.

Advanced Text Widget PRO is the best choice if you wish to have pullouts displayed on certain pages only. The plugins are very complementary.


  • jQuery 1.7.1, or later.

Browser compatibility

It was tested with all major browsers (IE7/8/9). IE7 and IE8 are not compatible with shadows and rounded corners. Vertical rotations of labels/tabs are not supported by IE7, IE8 or IE9.


  • If page is scrolled less than 10%, widget will automatically close.
  • PHP7 compatibility fixes

  • MobileDetect is updated to v.2.8.22
  • Fixed: If you mouse-click multiple times within a brief time frame, the widgets become invisible.

  • Fixed: This plugin no longer works due to an error in mobile detection. MobileDetect library update fixed the problem.

  • Improvement: NextGen Gallery clashes with POW which causes PullOut Widget display at the bottom. Problem solved by adding a lower priority to the hook wp_footer.

  • Modified tabs placement calculations to make them perfect for different browsers.
  • Updated JS Code for Compatibility with the Latest jQuery 2.0.3 & jQuery UI 1.1

  • Improved detection of widgets with IDs. This is supposed to have been created using the register_sidebar()() function. PullOut Widgets wraps widgets with the correct IDs in an inner DIV wrapper.
  • Fixed: The phone detection system wasn’t correct for activating the plugin on smartphones.
  • Improved: You can now add define(“POW_OFF”, false) or any other desired value to your wp.config.php file.

  • Removing jQuery.browser dependency from jQUery.1.9+.
  • Modified: The condition now checks if MobileDetect classes exist. It appears that plugin activation is not working for all users.
  • This was fixed: I removed console.log() in the JS. Was causing an issue in IE7.

  • Fixed compatibility problem with WP3.5
  • Fix: The cookie was incorrectly read.
  • A new setting, POW_OFF in pullouts.php allows for the disablement of plugins on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. By default the plugin will be disabled only for smartphones.

  • Opera and IE have been updated with tab icons.
  • Fixed: W widgets stop working in IE7/8 Some dimension-getters had returned NuN but weren’t properly validated.

  • JavaScript indexOf() compatible issue resolved with IE8/7

  • Corrected: No animation queue buildup after closing tabs.
  • Fix: The pullout ID for ATW plugin was not saved to pullout JS variables.
  • Fixed: multiple pullout JS vars had been output to the page.

  • Improvement: The footer was missing some JS parameters from pullouts in certain themes. This is solved by moving the function wp_localize_script() to footer. This will also remove all dependence on wp_footer().
  • Improvement: IE9 support to vertical tabs.
  • Opera browsers now show vertical tabs.
  • Fixed: No PHP Notices

  • Neu: The auto-pullout clock.
  • The new auto-pullout feature is available after viewing a specified number of pages.
  • The new Auto-pullout function is activated when an element specified appears on the page.
  • The 32 slide/easing effects are new.
  • New: Custom styles:
    • Background color
    • The border color
    • Text color
    • Link color
    • tab offset at the widget’s side;
  • New: Adjustable sliding/pullout rate
  • New: Customizable open/close tab labels.
  • Updated widget settings dialog, all options arranged into an accordion.

  • Fixed: the icon preview stopped working after the icon was chosen from the options.
  • Fixed: Color picker wouldn’t launch when clicked on the “color field” button on sidebar widgets that were newly dragged. Widgets with settings that were already saved had this problem.
  • Fixed: there was an issue in IE as a result of the fact that I had not declared my console logs correctly. These declarations were not supported or recognized by IE.
  • Enhancement: Forcing WordPress to use the default JQuery library. This will help avoid problems with plugins or themes that replace the default library with outdated versions.


  • Add on-the fly wrapper to widgets, if the original IDs of those widgets are not listed in the theme’s Markup.
  • Eliminated the dependency on wp_footer()
  • In the event that it isn’t specified, we have added default positioning to the widget.


  • BugFix. Icons didn’t show up in the options dialog for pullout widgets.

  • Initial release.

Full Live Demo

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