World’s 250th most visited website reveals BAT contributions–analysis whether Brave browser can replace ads

The Internet Archive a San Francisco-based digital library, reported receiving $2,500 in Basic Attention Token tips. suggested that micro-donations on the browser have been supported by many other websites. This could indicate that ads could be a distant future and users will no longer need to sell their data.

The Revenues of Micro-Donations are a Source Of Inspiration for Brave Creators

Brave, the blockchain-based, decentralized browser, entered the second quarter 2019 with an impressive increase. Brave browser has seen a significant increase in active users, the Basic Attention Token has increased 160 percent over the past year, and there are now dozens of websites that allow Brave Rewards. (also known as the Internet Archive) was one of Brave’s earliest users of its ‘creator’ feature. San Francisco’s non-profit digital library, signed up to become a Brave creator several years ago. They had seen micro-donations as an “experiment” and wanted to make it a part of their ongoing work. found that the tip jar was more than 9,000 BIT, which is equivalent to $2,500.

This was an unexpected win. This was also proof of how the current web, driven by ads that track our movements, does not have to be future-proof,” company stated in their blog.

Is Brave Rewards an alternative to online ads? joined Brave’s 2017 reward program. Many other companies have since followed their lead. First We Feast is an online magazine about food culture that boasts 5.7 million subscribers. Recently, First We Feast was made a Brave Verified publisher along with the LA Times.

Considering the size of these audiences, these two publishers could significantly help Brave adoption. However, if the same rate of payment per visits and payment per user reported also applies to these new publishers, ditching Google and Facebook ads might be a long way away. received $2,500 in equivalent funds between 2017 and 2019. SimilarWeb reports receives around 100,000,000 visitors each month. This, if taken liberally, would make it almost 2.4 Billion in the last two years. has a BAT of $0.000001 per visitor. This is equivalent to 1 for every million visitors, or roughly 8 million page views. It’s a small number by relative standards.

The extrapolated revenues from Brave would not be comparable to earnings from advertisements, even if every internet user in the world was an active Brave user.

Brave currently has approximately 5.5 million online users. We can estimate that Brave’s revenue would increase 636x if all traffic to the internet was actively using it. We will increase our revenue by approximately 1,000 times to account for the increasing number of Brave users since 2017. But, 1,000 in revenue for every one million users isn’t enough to replace ads.

Advertisers are required to pay per 1,000 impressions. The cost per 1000 impressions ranges from $0.1 up to $50. The average cost of Google Display Ads is 2.80, while it costs $7.20 to get the same amount of impressions. Multiple ads can be run simultaneously on a page.

The revenue generated by one million visitors, if we take the lowest of these two numbers, would be at most $2,800. This is a 64% decrease in Brave revenues based only on rough estimates.

However, the Internet Archive, which is currently the 182ndmost visited page in America and the 258thmost visited website worldwide, suggests that Brave’s current reward program is more of an addition than an option to ad revenues. Brave users can block ads and allow content creators to receive ad revenue as well as donations.

Brave’s browser innovation will continue to make it possible for Brave to crack the advertising model.

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