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Here are the icons that have been most popular in web browsers worldwide. We also included primary information for all Internet browsers , as well as some general FAQs. The most significant features can be used to contrast it.

This is a list of all icons for web browsers, as well as the general bio and link to download.

You can download all the popular web browser logos for no cost. This means that anyone can get these browser icons free of charge.

What exactly is a Webbrowser?

An Browser, in simple terms, is an Application, which allows you to connect with the Internet to view web pages, images or other information.

An explanation of Web Browsers. A web browser allows users to view information via the World Wide Web . If a user requests web page information, the browser will retrieve the required content from a search engine or website and display the page to him.

But, in order to link to a server of a website and show its webpages, the user must have a web browser installed on his smartphone or computer.

Mix it up Web browser and search engine should not be confused.

The search engine provides search results by linking to websites, images, videos and other documents which lead to the page being searched.

What are the icons for browsers?

A pictogram (or ideogram) that is displayed as a square icon on a computer screen to show an application, . The icons help the user navigate to a web browser. This icon appears in the title of the browser’s web page in browser tabs as well other places on the Internet. An icon that can be used on a desktop is a browser favicon, or logo.

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Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are all internet browser names.

The top 10 web browser icons

Chrome browser icon
Microsoft Edge Icon
Firefox browser Icon
Internet explorer icon
Safari browser Icon
Opera browser Icon
UC Browser Icon
Yandex Icon
QQ Browser Icon
Baidu Browser Icon
Sogou-Explorer Icon
Chromium browser Icon
Vivaldi Browser Icon
Brave Browser Icon
Maxthon Browser Icon
Tor browser Icon
Cent Browser Icon Web browser logo list

Note: Anyone can download these icons from the Internet browser in a.png form.

Top Website Browsers User Percentage

Here’s a list of internet browsers used by a percentage

Web Browser Name

User Percentage

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer


Safari Browser


The QQ browser


Sogou Explorer


Opera Browser


Yandex Web Browser


UC Browser




Information Source: NetMarketShare

Info about the Best Web Browsers

Many web browsers are available online, but they are generally safe and useful for browsing.

Google Chrome

First release date September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Browser Available for Download

Source: Wikipedia

Google Chrome is a cross platform web browser. It was originally released on Microsoft Windows in 2008 and later was extended to Linux, macOS iOS, Android, and Android.

Microsoft Edge

Initial release date: July 29, 2015.

Microsoft Edge browser: Download

Source: Wikipedia

Microsoft Edge is a cross platform web browser. First released on Windows 10 and Xbox One, in 2015; then it was available on Android and iOS in 2017, and macOS 2019 in 2019. It also has a preview version for Linux which will launch in 2020. Edge has Cortana integration and extension hosted on Microsoft Store.

Firefox browser

Original release date September 23, 2002

Download Internet Explorer

Source: Wikipedia

Mozilla Firefox, also known as Firefox, is a web browser free of charge and open source that has been developed by Mozilla Corporation, its subsidiary and Mozilla Foundation. Firefox employs the Gecko layout tool to render web pages. It implements both current and anticipated web standards.

Internet Explorer

Initial publication date: August 16, 1995

Internet Explorer Download

Source: Wikipedia

Internet Explorer is an assortment of graphical web browsers, developed by Microsoft. They are part of Microsoft Windows Operating System’s 1995 line. First released with the Plus! add-on! For Windows 95, it was that year.

Safari Web Browser

Original release date January 7, 2003

Safari browser: Download

Source: Wikipedia

Apple created Safari, a web browser that uses WebKit. Apple’s first desktop browser, Safari, was launched in 2003 using Mac OS X Panther. A mobile version is available for iPhone users since 2007. Safari is Apple devices’ default browser.

QQ Browser

Original release date November 29, 2012.

Download QQ Browser

Source: Wikipedia

Tencent has created QQ Browser, a web browser. It makes use of two browser engines, WebKit as well as Trident. Tencent Explorer had been developed previously by Tencent. Tencent TT was based on Trident’s typesetting engine. Integration The QQbrowser of the WebKit 5 engine 6, QQ.

Sogou Explorer

First release: April 2018

You can download QQ browser:

Source: Wikipedia

Sogou Inc. is an American technology company which offers a search engine. It is an affiliate of Sohu, Inc.

Sogou has its offices at the southeast corner Tsinghua University’s Beijing campus. Sogou also owns an office in Chengdu that is located next to Tencent’s headquarters. Sogou has established Guangzhou’s R&D facility in April 2018.

Opera Browser

Original release date April 10, 1995

Download Opera Browser: Download

Source: Wikipedia

Opera is Opera Software’s web browser. Opera runs on Chromium. It is unique because of its interface and functionality.


Released in its initial form on 1 October 2012.

Download Yandex Browser: Download

Source: Wikipedia

Yandex Browser. Yandex is a Russian search firm Yandex’s freeware browser. Yandex uses Blink, the web browser engine. Yandex Browser was developed using the Chromium open-source project. Yandex checks website security and scans downloaded files using Kaspersky anti virus.

UC Browser

First release date:

Download UC Browser

Source: Wikipedia

UC Browser is a webbrowser developed by UCWeb, a subsidiary to the Alibaba Group. It is one the most used mobile browsers in China, Indonesia, and the 8th most downloaded app during the 10-year period of 2010-2019.

Brave Browser

Release date for the initial version: 20/01/2016

Yandex browser download

Source: Wikipedia

Brave, which is an open-source, free browser, was created by Brave Software, Inc. on Chromium. It provides an interface for website trackers, ads blocking and a method to send crypto contributions to websites via Basic Attention Tokens.


Original release date: 2 Sep 2008

Download Chromium Browser: Download

Source: Wikipedia

Google’s Chromium project created Chromium which is an open-source, free software project. This source code is easily compiled and used to create a website browser. Google uses the source code to build its Chrome browser. This Chrome browser has more features then Chromium.


Original release date January 27, 2015

Download Vivaldi Browser: Download

Source: Wikipedia

Vivaldi is an open-source, cross-platform web browser that was designed by Vivaldi Technologies. Vivaldi Technologies was started by Tatsuki Tomita and Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner (who also co-founded and served as CEO at Opera Software). Vivaldi went live on April 6th 2016.

Web Browser

Cent Browser is an enhanced Chromium browser that offers several convenient features including a scrollable tab bar and mouse gesture, super drag, mouse gesture, and scrollable button bars.

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How popular is the web browser among people?

The estimated number of people who use the internet will reach 5 billion by 2021. Nearly half of those users are in Asia. Google Chrome with 66% worldwide market share is the most widely used browser. Safari has 17%. Firefox, Microsoft Edge and others are notable browsers.

A variety of devices can access web browsers including tablets, phones, computers, and laptops.

When was first web browser developed?

Tim Berners Lee created the First Web Browser.

Marc Andreessen in 1993 was the one who developed a Web Browser that used a graphical user-interface called Mosaic. It was later known by Netscape.

What web browser will be the most popular in 2021’s Internet?

Google Chrom Browser?

You’ll be surprised to learn that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is declining and Firefox is in decline.

What’s the Top 5 Web Browser Statistics?

These are five of the most popular Web browsers.

  • Google Chrome: 64.42%
  • Apple Safari – 12.60%
  • Mozilla Firefox – 7.88%
  • Microsoft Edge – 6.96%
  • Opera – 2.47%

The December 2020 report.

What Are the Most Popular Web Browsers Around The World?

Below are the top-used desktop web browsers: Chrome (Microsoft Edge), Firefox (Internet Explorer), Safari (and Opera).


There are many web browser options.

There are usually two kinds of internet browsers for use.

  1. Computer Browser (.exe X).
  2. Mobile Browser (.apk/.iOS)

If users install the software on a Mobile Phone or PC, this application will be able to access the Web.

What’s the most widely used web browser?

Google Chrome Browseris the most widely used web browser, second only to Microsoft Edge Browser and Firefox Browser.

What web symbols are the most used?

You can find some of the most popular signs and symbols on the internet.

  • Internet icons: Internet icons is one of the most commonly used symbols in the world.
  • It is also known as the “Thumbs Up” symbol.
  • The symbol of the heart: This represents love, compassion, health, and hope.
  • Question mark symbol
  • Icon symbol representing the light bulb; this represents an idea or tip.
  • Gear symbol
  • Dove symbol: It represents love, peace and calm.
  • Raven symbol: This symbolizes death and doom.

What does stand for?

The Internet Emoji refers to the Globe with Meridians Emoji.

Sometimes, it’s called the Globe Symbol. This Internet Emoji was first created in 2010.

An Ethernet connection is represented by three lines connecting boxes.

It is the symbol that indicates Wi-Fi, a small dot (or tower) with waves coming out of it.