You can travel back in time by taking a tour to Warwick Castle. Experience medieval England through live performances featuring horseback fighting and jousting

Only a court jester would miss this chance to travel back in history to live in medieval England.

And this year Warwick Castle spectacularly brings to life the Wars of the Roses with a live show featuring a horseback battle in a specially-constructed riverside arena.


Warwick Castle was busy with the show…

Here’s a recap for anyone who was not as attentive in their history class many years ago.

The Wars of the Roses was a three-decade long conflict between two members of the royal family. Warwick Castle hosted much of the action.

Enjoy historical adventure with an overnight in Warwick Castle’s Knight’s Village.


Children loved to interact with these dressed-up characters

Issy, nine years, and Lauren, six months, became enchanted by my cozy home. But, we had to first choose which rose to support — the House of York red rose, or the House of Lancaster white rose.

Issy chose York. We were soon in front of our new adversaries, The Lancastrians.

Professional stunt actors told the story of the 30-year Wars of the Roses to the applause of the crowds. The show was an incredible 30-minute spectacle that included sword fights and jousting as well as horse riding.


This is for the masses… You’ll be transported back in time by actors to the land of medieval Jousting

It was also impressive to witness the birds of Prey perform on the first day. Believe me, it is amazing.

It’s a good chance for dads and their princesses to show bravery before the knights.


Warwick Castle is in good condition

You will also be able to walk through the original dungeon from 1345, which requires additional bravery.

It’s dark, it is claustrophobic.

Lauren was too young, so it is not recommended for younger children. But Issy was full-of bravado. Issy was raring to go and eager to learn.

Warwick Castle’s staff is a unique attraction because they are knowledgeable and friendly.

The cheeky countess and any of those knights who we saw in the gardens or during the evening’s medieval feast were all knowledgeable about the past and knew lots of fun facts.

The Knight’s Village was a peaceful retreat for those who had worked hard all day.

This hotel has modern facilities, like two rooms with en suite bathrooms, a television and wifi. They still feel new even though the lodges were updated last year.


Enjoy the rest of your stay… Enjoy great comfort in the lodges

There are also glamping campsites, and you can picture yourself in a tranquil setting on the banks Avon.

The morning began with a buffet breakfast served in the banqueting room. Lauren was then invited to Knight’s School where she tried Have-A-Go-Archery.


To the middle ages… Jousting was an amazing spectacle to witness

These activities are part of the stay price and can be accessed at any time.

Whoever thinks history is boring has not been to Warwick Castle. There, the drama and intrigue of the age were vividly brought alive.

We will be returning!

Warwick Castle

STAYING THERE: Wars Of The Roses Live shorter breaks are as low as PS63 per night. It includes two-days’ access to the castle, breakfast, activities, and more.

Knight’s lodges sleep seven, and woodland lodges sleep five.

There are five sleeping places in the glamping camp tents.

You can enjoy an all-you’ll-eat Medieval Dinner Feast, with live entertainment starting from PS18.95 (for adults) and PS9.95 (for children).

See or call 0845 330 1011.

MORE DETAILS: The Wars of the Roses Live is running twice daily for 50 dates from July 22-September 3.

You can book your hotel online up to five days ahead for the best rates starting at PS18.40 per night