YouTube Background: How can I play YouTube Videos

YouTube, one of the most popular platforms in the age of the internet is extremely well-known and widely used. There are many uses for YouTube. It can be used to find tutorials and entertainment videos as well as music. You may just need the app to run in background. You can not play the video if your screen is off or the app is closed. However, YouTube videos cannot be played while the screen is off or the app is closed.

The Method to Convert YouTube Videos to WAV

YouTube Premium

YouTube premium lets you listen to your music even after you close the app. It allows downloading videos. You can also download videos. It doesn’t matter if your screen is turned off or if you use another app, you can still listen without interruption. For $12 per monthly, the price for the paid version of this service is You can also choose to subscribe as a family. The cost of this family subscription is $18. This plan is only available for 6 people. You can use it on iOS or Android.

YouTube Music

YouTube music can be used to stream your preferred songs as background. The platform’s sole focus is music, as its name implies. You can play music in the background. That means you can turn the screen off or do other things while the music will be playing. It is a paid service but you get a free 1-month trial. The service can be continued if it is a good fit, however, monthly fees will apply. A family membership is available.


The app is free and open-sourced. This app works well and is very stable. You might find the app interesting.

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Playing video in certain iOS browsers

Chrome and Safari can’t play YouTube in Chrome or Safari if the app is closed. Opera Touch or Firebox for Apple devices can circumvent the restriction by using Apple’s Control Center. The same applies to Android phones and Windows smartphones. To view the YouTube video, you must use a browser compatible with the device. Also, desktop mode needs to be activated. Safari can be used to view the YouTube video on iOS. Microsoft works well for Windows Phones. Firebox, which is an Android app, is best. The audio can be heard in the background even though the browser or screen are closed. It is simple to use, and it works well with most smart devices.

Brave Browser

This works for iOS as well as Android. Brave browser can be used as a private browser that is extremely secure. To begin, go to “Settings” and then click on “Site Settings”. You can tap on this and move to “Media”. The media settings will show you an option called “Background Video Playback”. Normaly, it will be disabled. Select the option. Next page: You can enable background video playback by turning on the slider. The message prompts you to click “Relaunch Now”. The session can be closed and you will be able to play or exit a video. It will now play in the background.

Get Brave Browser on Android

Get Brave Browser on iOS

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced can be used if YouTube Premium isn’t available in your region. The YouTube Vanced app is similar to the YouTube app but has more features. Auto-Repeat support and PiP will both be available to you. Ads will not interrupt your video. See YouTube Vanced for more details.