Yujeong (Brave Girls), Profile and Facts

Yujeong, Brave Girls Profile and Facts. Yujeong (Brave Girls). Ideal Type

Yujeong is an active member of Brave Entertainment’s South Korean girl group Brave Girls. Her survival episode The Unit was The Idol Rebooting Project featured her.

Yujeong Official Media:

Insta: Personal @braveg_yj

Personal Twitter:

YouTube Personal: yuralraYoulalla

Personal TikTok: yjistimeless

Stage Name Yujeong (“yujeong”)

Real Name: Nam Yoo Jung (namyujeong)

Birthday on May 2, 1991

Taurus, Astrological Sign

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat

Official Height: 163 cm (5’4”)/Real Height: 162 cm (5’4”)

Weight: 53 kg (116lbs).

Blood Type:

Type of MBTI – ENTP

Yujeong Facts

– She was baptized in Suwon, South Korea.

– Education, Sungshin Women’s University Department of Media Communications

Her nicknames are: Squirtle her famous eyesmile. Other nicknames include Turtle or Crazy.

– Her cheerful, lively personality makes her feel strong, although she is able to change her mood quickly.

She regards her temper as her weakness.

Weekly Idol Episode 508 revealed that her personality is very shy. She worries often when she doesn’t see anyone.

– She is a very outgoing person who often makes interjections.

– Her habit is to use her lips to make sound.

– Because she can bend her lips and do tricks with them, she started practicing tricks at the tender age of 5.

– When her lips are open, she has a mouth of 6.2 cm and an 8.5 inch when she performs lip trick.

– In her twelfth year, she was able to fly to Hongkong with her father for his job. She also studied at an international school.

It was there that she learnt English as well as Cantonese.

Her interests include walking her three dogs twice a day and listening to and reading music.

Her hobbies include hiking and regular physical training.

Rain is Rain, her childhood idol. Yujeong saw his talents and decided to pursue a career as a singer. His picture is beside her bed. He also has an extremely rare album.

Her mom was against Yujeong becoming an idol as her uncle worked in entertainment.

Yujeong’s mother permitted her to pursue entertainment in the event that Yujeong was admitted at a Seoul university. Yujeong, with her older sister’s support, was accepted into Sungshin Women University.

Brave Girls Original Members – When she was working at a cafe in her study, she met one of the Brave Girls members.

Brave Entertainment was her first training program.

– She worked as a hand makeup model and was featured in Youtube videos between Rollin’ 2018 and We Ride.

– She’s a qualified driver.

– She said she gets the most objective responses from the others.

– She is the cutest of all her family members.

– She is a prankster and plays many jokes on her group.

Eunji’s “pretty” pose is a favorite of hers. Eunji and others agree, it’s a very good thing that she does.

– Eunji could borrow her dancing moves and memory.

– She is capable of imitating the speech style of Brave Brothers, her boss.

– Laren is the first thing that she checks on in the morning.

Jannabi is one her all-time favorite musicians.

She enjoys feeling someone’s warmth in her ears.

– She loves her mom and her father the most.

– She’d like to take a tour around the USA.

– She hates word puns.

– She enjoys spicy foods and any variety of tteokbokki.

– She doesn’t like sweets that are too sweet, such as cucumbers and Korean melons.

She doesn’t tolerate alcohol so alcohol should be consumed before she goes to sleep.

A bug is something she doesn’t like, but one time while performing for the army, she managed to get a bite. For her, this was an unforgettable moment.

MAXIM photoshoot. It was her mother’s purchase so there are no issues for her.

– She had planned to study, or she would like to host a TV show after Brave Girls disbandment.

Rollin’s achievement in 2021 was just before she had unforgettable dreams. Like she won a bike race with her teammates cheering her on and she runs from a cute-looking snake.

Her appearance on Kkobuk’s cover was made possible by the support of her fans.

– She loves someone who she is unable to resist. For appearance she prefers tall men with thin and long hands. Rain.

The unit information:

Eunji and Yuna did “Irony” Yujeong got five boots from her mentors.

– In the Team White, she performed for the first mission. Her team won the second prize.

– On episode 4, she was at 33rd place.

Red Velvet performed her rendition of “Red Flavor” for the second mission. Her audience voted for her with 98 percent.

– On the episode 5, she was placed 32nd.

The episode ranked her 26th.

– In the third mission she did “Blood Sweat & Tears”, a performance by BTS. Her team was defeated.

The episode ranked her 32nd.

The episode 10 episode ranked her 37th and she was eventually eliminated.


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