ZukoWick’s Steem Gaming Series

This series of gaming posts is intended to record my gaming from week-to-week. Week one post on Drugwars & Splinterlands. Today’s post will focus only on those 2 games. I also played @roadofrich. The game is still in alpha, so it won’t make it into my gaming series.

Because each ad I see provides me with BAT, it allows me to play the Brave games. The BAT payout will come next month. Most likely, I will convert the bitcoin to bitcoin and then get steem. It’s not clear what I plan to do with it yet.

Crypto earnings in week #2

DateDrugwarsSplinterlands Nov 17th 20192.731 DWD26.822 DEC Nov 18th 20194.988 DWD37.309 DEC Nov 19th 20193.071 DWD42.68 DEC Nov 20th 20194.214 DWD45.794 DEC Nov 21st 20193.573 DWD31.394 DEC Nov 22nd 20191.952 DWD151.663 DEC Nov 23rd 201910.415 DWD69.429 DEC

In order to boost my Steem Account, I sold most of the DWD that week. Now I have only 13.213 DWD left in my drugwars bank account. Splinterlands: I have saved all DEC from fights. In order to get DEC, I bought 1 pack. Up to this point, I have 720.594 DEC. Here’s a summary of what I’ve done during the week in terms of games and plans at the end.


Link To Game: Drugwars

The last week of drugwars was quite fascinating for me as I listened to the leader from the gang that I joined. The leader of the gang I joined told me how many troops to aim for. He also advised that I focus on improving my 2 existing bases and that resources should continue being deposited into the gang’s buildings.

The week was spent focusing on my jobs, finding people to steal resources and finding them armies that were not as large or small. Tuesday saw me attack 2 small-army players. This must have been a slow day because I landed in the 10th place on the leaderboards of fights. I was the 10th player to spend spies on my base Wednesday and Tuesday.

The difference between attacking the players and doing my job. As my army grew, so did mine. As my army grew, I began to attack other players more often. Friday was the last day I did not play Drugwars. Instead, I focused my attention on Splinterlands. The week ended today. I went crazy attacking players, to the point that I was at the 5th position on the fights leadboard until about the final hour before drugwars did its daily payouts and published the leaderboards.

Because I got so much resources through attacks, at times I was training troops on both bases. I still have resources to use. Although I had considered starting another base, the leader of my gang advised me to focus on the two existing bases. It was important to me to be able to manage my training slot usage and keep my resource count down.

Next week, my focus will be on attacks players as well as building my army. To keep the fifth spot in the leaderboard, today I had to lose too many troops. In an effort to keep my 5th place, I began attacking people with limited resources. However, it was too late. In @drugwars, I must be much more selective in who and what I attack. It is important to place resources first and not just the top attackers.


Link for game: Splinterlands

This week is going to be one of the most fortunate weeks in Splinterlands. So that I could push for a higher rank, my guild leader suggested delegating cards. I said that I would not entertain the idea. I decided to test my abilities on my own for this week. It wasn’t a great week for winnings, starting Sunday through Monday. Things started to improve on Thursday when I reached 800+. As a reward for the daily quest, I received a Wood Nymph golden foil.

Quest Rewards This Week

  • Highland Archer
  • Vampire
  • Crystal Werewolf
  • Highland Archer
  • Wood Nymph (Gold Foil)
  • Wood Nymph
  • Rusty Android

Friday arrives and my resource credits run out for either the 7th, or 8th consecutive day of Splinterlands. My surprise @steemmonsters gave me 20 steempower. It seems they enjoy helping other players to get more matches. This helps prevent new players quitting.

They managed to keep my playing. I was able to go on winning streaks but also lost streaks. This allowed me to examine what my strengths and weaknesses were. Saturday arrived and I was excited for all the fun. To complete my daily quest, I went on both winning and losing streaks.

Once I had completed the quest, my resource credits were checked and it was clear that I was out of resources. I made the decision to stop. As I had seen the payoff from the previous week’s posting for this series, I made the decision to go after more people in drugwars.

That steem power was transferred to my account. With enough resource credits, I could push for higher ranks. After several losses, I was able to start winning 3-5 matches per game. While it was nice, the day ended with some losses. At the moment, I’m at 888 for bronze My goal was to get silver this week, but I fell short.

Next Week’s Plans

Drugwars is a simple plan. You can attack, attack, then attack more. The goal of my 2 armies is to keep the exact same troop strength in each base. It will help me reach my goal earlier in the week. While I make an extra base to support my 3rd arm, it won’t allow me to upgrade the base. It’s kind of a backup army.

Splinterlands is a place where I don’t know what I want. To see my rank at the end of each season, I want to continue playing with my cards. You can earn every card that you receive. However, I could also use guild leader cards to attain a higher rank and obtain more cards through the daily quests as well as the end of season rewards. This would allow me to make faster progress and build my collection of cards.

Today’s @transcriptjunky posted Power Strategies Tips #34 gave me an insight on my DWD, once I have enough Steem power. You can also convert your DWD into DEC to save money and buy packs. This allows me to use my Drugwars game play as a way of funding my Splinterlands account. So I’m not restricted to a minimum of 1 pack and feel free to try other games.

I am aiming to increase my steem power by 50 in the near future. By doing this, I am able to get in enough matches per day to be content before buying packs. One of my wallets contained approximately $4 of bitcoin. I then sent the bitcoin to Steem Engine. To get sufficient steem, I’ll trade it.

We wish you every success in your investment decisions and the games that you choose to play. And remember, have fun. Yes, I do. You are.